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Frequently asked questions about Bulk Content Creation

Bulk content creation is basically any writing project that needs a large amount of content within a short period of time. 

A: The types of bulk content can differ from company to company but typically, they have the following standard requirements: 

1- High Volume and Fast Delivery: Bulk content projects demand substantial content delivered promptly to meet needs.

2- Need for a Team: Managing extensive projects and creating dozens of content in a short time requires a team of writers. 

3- Consistency: Maintaining a consistent tone and flow between the content is a must to stay within your brand’s guidelines. 

4- Cost Effectiveness: These projects are planned to be executed with set budgets, which may harm the quality of the content. 

5- Content Management and Publication: Having all this content in place is necessary to avoid duplications – and they must be published manually on the CMS. 

6- SEO Optimization: The content creation needs to be done with SEO in mind. All the content must be SEO optimized, and keywords must be researched accordingly. 

The bulk content creation tool of contentgo.ai covers this all for you!

A: This depends on your needs or the details of the projects. 

But the time can range between hours or days if you have hundreds of content waiting to be written. 

A: This can vary depending on your needs and the tool you use. 


If you were using a content writer, you would need to pay between $2,900 – $4,200 for 100 blog posts of 600 words. 

ContentGo AI offers affordable plans. 

Check the details on the pricing page. 

We know that you are committed on creating high-quality content, FAST!

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