Best Jasper Alternatives for 2024 

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jasper alternatives
April 22, 2024

Jasper is a pioneering AI-based content-writing tool that supports content creators and marketing agencies with various templates, multiple language sources, and its own AI algorithms. While there are several reasons to choose this tool and implement it in your content writing process, there are many Jasper alternatives to explore in the market, offering additional support at more reasonable prices.

In this guide, you will learn about the best Jasper AI alternatives for 2024 and you will be able to compare their advantages and disadvantages to pick the best option for you and your needs.

So, it’s time to buckle up! 

What is Jasper?

Jasper is a website that offers AI-powered content-writing, helping to create products with successful SEO tools and a human-like tone, and it is one of my favorites. What I find practical about Jasper is that it is suitable for use with MS Word and Google Docs, making it easy to work on your content on the writing platforms you constantly use.

Jasper has many formats that can help you create an outline, make a detailed plan, and work on various parts of your content, including headlines, paragraphs, and article sections. Another feature I like is the AI Assistant’s magic — it catches the tone of your brand and gives suggestions based on that, without you having to worry about whether you are off the tune or not.

With Jasper, you can easily create content for blogs, social media posts, and copywriting products based on an extensive SERP analysis that is available in 25 languages. Taken together, Jasper is a great way to calibrate your content in a wiser way.

Why You Should Consider Jasper Alternatives

Jasper is one of the greatest tools for content writing, yet this doesn’t mean it suits everyone looking for similar support or enhancing their products.

There are two main reasons why Jasper might not be suitable for you:

The pricing and the collaboration feature.

For content creators at all levels, high pricing can easily knock the wind out of their sails, whereas it might be a problem for bigger teams to be unable to collaborate on different projects.

In contrast to these reasons, you may also want to check out the alternatives to see what is out there.

I think the pricing is an important factor for sustainability and Jasper AI alternatives might give you exactly what you’re looking for. 

Also, if you are more in the technical side and want to provide a human experience, the combination of AI + Human is not something provided by Jasper.

What You Should Look for in Jasper AI Alternative?

Jasper and alternative AI writing tools mainly support content creators working on many projects and wanting to achieve great outcomes each time.

Creating a large amount of content may be quite challenging, especially if you’re a beginner who just took your first steps: That’s why easy-to-use AI writing tools will help you improve your work and yourself. 

For example, you can ask for several seats and work on your project, allowing you to reduce your production time by getting help. You can also ensure your content delivers the right tone to its audience, as your brand requests.

In any case, it’s better to compare all the best Jasper alternatives with four questions in mind:

  • Do they have a trial plan and offer a discount for an annual subscription?
  • Do they also provide a human-touch if requested?
  • Are they sensitive to your writing style and brand voice?
  • Do they have a variety of templates for long and short content?

Answering these questions as you delve deep into the world of the best Jasper alternatives can make it easier for you.

Of course, keep your other needs in mind as well — after all, everyone is looking for the most functional tool for themselves. 

Best Jasper Alternatives

Now that you know the outline of the content-writing AI tools and what to look for in the Jasper alternatives, I can whip out my list of the most recent 16 AI content-writing tools that are alternatives to Jasper!

I have prepared the list based on the features of each tool and made sure to include cons, pros and pricing to ensure that you have a better understanding before you go ahead and use it.

You’ll see that each opens a new window to fresh-minded freelance content creators who are seeking help from AI tools in their creation processes.

Note that each Jasper AI alternative tool surpasses the other with certain advantages, and I have listed all of them, from my favorite to the least.

Here is the list:

  1. ContentGo AI
  2. Writesonic
  3. Copysmith
  4. Hypotenuse
  6. TextCortex
  7. ContentBot
  8. Rytr
  9. Anyword
  10. Copymatic
  12. WriterZen
  13. ClosersCopy     
  14. ByWord
  15. Article Forge
  16. INK

1- ContentGo AI

jasper alternatives - contentgoai

ContentGo AI is one of the top performing Jasper alternatives since it provides high-quality content creation for all types of content. As an outstanding AI-powered tool, it can support your content creation journey at all stages. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, ContentGo AI ensures you can do it all, whether creating content on the go or optimizing your generated content to its best possible version.

I think what stands out in ContentGo AI is that it bridges AI and human use under the same roof — allowing you to send your AI-generated content to human editors to have the finishing touches that make everything come together. This will elevate your content-creation as you will get support from AI and ensure your content will not lose its authenticity simultaneously.

Additional features such as SERP Analysis, Keyword Reseach various language modes for translation and editing, and many templates make ContentGo AI suitable for beginners and professionals.

ContentGo Features

ContentGo AI has many brilliant features to support content creation processes, yet the one feature that stands out is easily the AI + human integration. This feature creates authentic content that can easily hit the target. The originality and quality of the content prepared using ContentGo AI will use natural syntax formations that will raise the tone of your brand voice and will do so in more than 120 languages, which is evidence that you won’t have to worry about your content creation challenges anymore.

ContentGo Pros

  • AI + human integration is one of a kind, making content generation processes fast and reliable.
  • SEO Assistant allows you to run a Keyword Research and SERP Analysis.
  • SERP Analysis Tool, a component of the SEO Assistant, helps with the top results of SEO keywords, which you can use to check and select the top keyword combinations.
  • The multi-language feature allows users to generate their content in 120+ languages.
  • In addition to many languages, the Power Mode powered by GPT-4 and ContentGo’s LLM uses over 200 million content pieces to ensure the best quality.
  • AI-generated search on keyword and phrase suggestions can be used in 120+ languages on LLM mode.
  • For professionals, bulk content creation saves a lot of time and effort when creating tons of content simultaneously.
  • ContentGo’s e-commerce platform is actively integrated into pioneering platforms like Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.
  • Outline Generator will enable you to draft high-quality content based on the outcomes you get from SERP Analysis and SEO Assistant tools.
  • Unique category description generator for e-commerce stores.
jasper alternatives - contentgo ai

ContentGo Cons

  • There is no plagiarism tool embedded in the platform – yet.
  • WordPress integration is not available but is on its way.
  • Power Mode powered by GPT 4 32K may take a while to respond.
  • Blog templates can be further diversified for long and short-form content.

ContentGo Pricing

ContentGo.AI offers a generous plan during its free trial: 20 credits in both Regular and Power content modes. This allows its users to create 20 free content for seven days and try out all the features ContentGo offers. Three paid options, Light Mode, Expert Plan, and Power Plan, offer monthly and annual subscriptions. The Light Mode is the cheapest mode at $13.99/month and consists of 200 credits for SERP analysis, 40 credits for keyword search and a total of 80.000 words.

If you prefer to have more credits, you can choose the Expert Plan at $34.99/month for double credits in SERP analysis and keyword search in addition to 300.000 words (with 10.000 Power words). The Power Plan has the highest price at $129/month but gives its users 800 credits for SERP analysis and 200 for keyword search, 1.000.000 Regular Words (with 32.000 Power Words). This range in pricing allows all users to benefit from ContentGo AI, depending on their needs. If you subscribe annually to any plan, you get 2 months free.  

Try ContentGo AI for free now!

2- Writesonic

jasper alternatives - writesonic

Another alternative to Jasper AI is Writesonic, which is a good companion for freelancers overwhelmed with time-consuming writing tasks.

Writesonic uses GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models, and users can choose which one they prefer to make AI generation in their content more salient. As a writing tool, Writesonic provides accurate content and various content templates that can be used for both short- and long-form products. Three key features of Writesonic are a paraphrasing tool, a content expander, and an article summarizer to improve your writing quickly. With Writesonic, content creators of all levels can summarize, rewrite, and enlarge their content with the help of GPT language models. 

Writesonic Pros

  • It can be used for content creation and daily writing tasks, ranging from e-mails to articles.
  • The paraphrasing tool is easy to use (even on webpage content) and allows for paraphrasing in multiple languages.
  • You can control language modes and set the brand voice.
  • It has a WordPress integration and export features to let you save your document offline.
  • A free trial is available without any payment or giving your credit card information.

Writesonic Cons

  • There are no detailed editing features that can fine-tune the content.
  • SEO and Language Check features have strong AI tones.
  • You need to edit your outcome, making it quite time-consuming.
  • The overuse of SEO results creates a robotic tone in the outcomes. 

Writesonic Pricing 

Writesonic has an extensive Free Mode, which allows you to write up to 10,000 words and use free trial features; however, you can only use the GPT-3.5 language model. There are three paid options for WriteSonic — Individual, Team, and Enterprise plans. If you prefer upgrading the features and using Writesonic to a greater extent, you can start with the Individual plan at $20/month. This can give you LLM mode with unlimited word count and features such as the single brand voice, in-depth research, and 50 credits to use on advanced features.

On the other hand, the Team plan has unlimited generations and brand voices to use in addition to 100 credits for advanced features Writesonic provides at $30/month. For enterprises, the Enterprise plan can be customized depending on what your business requires, and it provides multiple LLM models and various personalized features. To receive pricing, you must contact the sales department to ensure you pay for your needs. You can also save up to 20% if you prefer annual plans. 

3- Copysmith

jasper alternatives - snapshot from the homepage of copysmith

If you want to generate SEO-based marketing content, Copysmith will provide what you ask for from a GPT-3-based AI tool. This popular free Jasper AI alternative integrates several tools into the application to simplify marketing solutions. For example, Shopify, Frase, Zapier, and WooCommerce are integrated within Copysmith, making working with other writing apps smoother. Moreover, Google Ads integrations are another useful feature that can help you upload your ad copy directly to the ads account. Copysmith also has an AI-integrated mobile application that can be easily used on the go. 

Copysmith Pros

  • The workflow management feature enables e-commerce team members to collaborate on projects easily.
  • It provides multiple writing templates for blogs and even marketing emails.
  • Bulk content creation saves time and effort when dealing with several projects simultaneously. 
  • The headline generator and content expander features will help regenerate your existing SEO-based texts.
  • The free trial is really free — no credit card is required to explore Copysmith.

Copysmith Cons

  • The AI-generated content requires double-checking, which might be time-consuming but necessary to avoid AI detection. 
  • The paraphrasing feature must also be checked since the GPT-3 language model might sometimes misinterpret words and create unrelated content. 
  • Some user reviews note that your credits may be erased if you do not use them in the prescribed timespan.

Copysmith Pricing

One of Copysmith’s advantages is its free-of-charge practice, which is available to new users. Users can choose from three monthly and annual plans depending on their needs. The Starter Plan allows a single user to have 20,000 words at $19/month, whereas the Pro Plan includes unlimited AI generation and 5 users in total at $49/month. For businesses and enterprises, the third option requires contacting the sales team to learn about the pricing based on the requirements of teams of up to 20 users. Regardless of pricing, all plans have customer support, plagiarism check, and Google Chrome extension. All plans are discounted when you prefer an annual subscription, excluding the Starter Plan. 


jasper alternatives -

Hypotenuse is AI-powered, well-designed software that combines content generation and writing checking under the same roof. This tool aids content writing processes of various lengths, ranging from blog articles and product descriptions to social media tags and focuses on SEO optimization. Hypotenuse AI makes API, WordPress, and Shopify integration smoother and enhances the brand voice quality in a sleek way. It is one of the free Jasper alternatives that can be suited to anyone, from freelance content creators and copywriters to e-commerce businesses and enterprises. Whether you are a lone wolf or working as a part of a big team, Hypotenuse offers a variety of features for you to step up your writing game. 

Hypotenuse Pros

  • It features a built-in image generator, HypoArt, to enrich the visuality of your content.
  • The Content Detective feature supports research-based articles in addition to marketing content.
  • Bulk creation is available for those who are looking to create multiple contents simultaneously.
  • There are rewriting, summarizing and paraphrasing features to help you work with ease.
  • It provides support in more than 30 languages.

Hypotenuse Cons

  • The tool does not allow you to delete phrases and content portions.
  • There are limited templates and categories to work on.
  • There is no transparency on the GPT and LLM versions it uses. 

Hypotenuse Pricing

Hypotenuse has a 7-day trial if you would prefer to check it out before moving to the paid options; however, this trial has limited credits. If you subscribe to the Individual plan at $29/month, you can benefit from basic email and chat support and additional limited features for a single user and 50,000 words. The Team plan has an extended word count of 120,000 words and can be used by up to five users at $59/month.

For businesses and enterprises, an Enterprise plan can be customized based on your needs and priorities, and you can request a demo to receive a price offer. If you think an annual subscription is better, you can save up to 17% in Individual and Team plans. However, don’t let the discounted monthly pricing trick you since you will be billed annually. 


jasper alternatives - is another highly rated Jasper alternatives with impressive features. The platform is built on four basic features. First, brand voice detection applies to your copy search to determine an exclusive marketing tone. Then, the Infobase is the tool’s core, where you input and find copy templates. The third one is Security, which is an area for enterprises. Lastly, the chat feature functions like ChatGPT —  ask what you need and it responds with AI-generated content. impresses its users with various templates, content categories, and a user-friendly interface. It is one of the best alternatives to Jasper to boost your workflow and enhance the quality of the content you are working on. Pros

  • It has over 90 templates for copying and rewriting various content categories, making it one of the richest AI writing tools. 
  • Teams and businesses can easily cooperate and collaborate on large-scale projects.
  • The Brand Voice learns and uses the brand language to create relevant content.
  • There is a free mode for individuals with 1 seat and 200 bonus credits to use freely, so no credit card information is needed. Cons

  • Users are frustrated with the AI-generated tone of the copy content.
  • Customer service is somewhat insufficient in responding to client feedback.
  • stands among the highest-priced AI-writing tools. Pricing offers monthly and annual subscriptions for individuals, small teams, and growing businesses. As previously mentioned, a free mode is available to everyone, although it is insufficient for regularly writing content. Two other plans, Pro and Team, are more suitable for professionals and teams who are willing to use this AI tool. The Pro plan offers five seats with unlimited words in chat and 500 workflow credits at $49/month.

The Team plan has 20 seats and 3,000 workflow credits at $249/month. You can also contact their accounts team to discuss your customized plan for your enterprise, which includes unlimited seats and additional advanced features. Annual subscription allows you to save up to 25% on Pro and Team plans; however, these plans are billed annually, therefore making the pricing $432/year and $2,232/year.  

Explore all the copy ai alternatives in case you want to have more details about the tools.

6- TextCortex

jasper alternatives - textcortex

TextCortex is an AI-powered writing tool that became one of the popular Jasper alternatives. It supports content availability in over 25 languages, language and spell checking, and storage of over 1000 AI prompts to ensure your content is as natural-sounding as possible. TextCortex is beneficial for content writers and other professionals from different fields to expand their thinking and delivery outside the usual borders. As an AI-powered writing tool, it has relatively low AI detection, making it a versatile app for regular content generation. I think TextCortex should be categorized as a content generator rather than a rewriting tool; however, some users are satisfied with its rewriting tool and customization.

TextCortex Pros

  • WordPress and Chrome extensions are available for online work, and apps and web-based tools can carry your work out of the office.
  • It uses GPT-4 and Web Search facilities and obtains over 1000 AI prompts to diversify and naturalize your content.
  • It has free tools, including rewriting, YouTube description and summarization, and the plagiarism tool is available even in free mode.

TextCortex Cons

  • Free mode limits users to 20 creations per day (one creation is 125 words), which is scarce and makes creations too limited.
  • Not all templates can be used, not even on an upgraded plan.
  • GPT-4 and web search features are charged double as they cost double outcome words.

TextCortex Pricing

TextCortex is a free AI tool that can be used by everyone; however, it is quite limited in free mode. Referring friends to earn more creations is possible, and there are paid options to meet your bigger needs. In addition to the free mode, Lite and Unlimited modes require a monthly or annual subscription.

Depending on the number of creations you would be interested in, the pricing for the Lite plan changes: 150 creations start at $6.99/month ($5.59/year), whereas 2800 creations (which is the maximum for the Lite plan) is $69.99/month ($55.99/year). If you want unlimited creations, you can subscribe to the Unlimited plan for $119.99/month or choose an annual plan to pay $83.99/month. 

7- ContentBot

jasper alternatives - contentbot

One of my favorite Jasper alternatives is ContentBot. This web-based platform stands out as it opens the door to uploading and processing large amounts of data with the aid of its plagiarism checker, AI writer and SEO-focused work. ContentBot uses different AI language models, but it mainly utilizes GPT-3.5 like ChatGPT does. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool and AI writing assistant to boost your content of various kinds — blogs, product descriptions, advertisement copy, or landing pages. 

ContentBot Pros

  • The built-in plagiarism checker, paraphrasing and SEO tools can amplify your content generation process and the quality of your content.
  • Chrome extension and other integration options like WordPress and Zapier make ContentBot convenient and functional.
  • It supports over 110 languages. 

ContentBot Cons

  • Paid plans vary in terms of the availability of standard and plus features. 
  • You can use the plagiarism checker tool only for Premium and Premium+ plans.
  • You can also use AI workflows only for  Premium and Premium+ plans.

ContentBot Pricing

The prepaid option makes a free trial available at merely $1, so you can write up to 1000 words using AI automation. I suggest getting the prepaid plan to try ContentBot and receive 10,000 free words on your first purchase. You can also upgrade the amount of your free AI writing and paraphrasing tools and occupy unlimited seats. However, additional features are somewhat costly.

The Starter plan at $19/month offers 50,000 words per month, AI writing, and unlimited seats, although this plan does not include a plagiarism checker or AI workflows. If you upgrade to Premium and Premium+ plans, you can benefit from various tools and priority customer service for $59/month and $99/month, respectively. If you opt for a human-enhanced blog based on AI output, you must pay for the Premium+ option.

8- Rytr

Jasper alternatives - Rytr

If you are new to the AI writing, Rytr is one of the Jasper alternatives you should try. It can be your best friend with its simple interface and user-friendly design. As an AI-powered writing tool, it can help you enrich and fine-tune your content in no time. One thing I have noticed is that Rytr is more suitable for individuals and freelancers rather than for businesses and enterprises. Still, it is a great tool that supports a plagiarism checker, brand voice integrations and multilingual copywriting in over 30 languages. 

Rytr Pros

  • The built-in plagiarism checker maximizes the originality of the rephrased writing, especially for short-form content. 
  • There are over 40 use case templates to choose from depending on what type of content you will copy and rewrite.
  • It has an AI image generator feature.

Rytr Cons

  • AI generation sometimes delivers plain, insufficient search results.
  • The quality of the content significantly drops in long-form content production.
  • Keyword research and SERP analysis tools need improvement.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr offers Free, Saver and Unlimited plans for its users. The free version allows 10,000 characters of generated content with five images monthly; however, plagiarism checks and tone of voice matching are unavailable in this plan. You can upgrade it to the Saver plan which provides unlimited AI content generation, one tone match and 50 plagiarism checks per month at $9/month. The Unlimited plan is the best for content creators dealing with multiple brands, as it offers unlimited AI content generation, multiple tone matches and 100 plagiarism checks per month at $29/month. With an annual subscription, you can get two months free and pay discounted prices for Saver and Unlimited plans. 

9- Anyword

jasper alternatives - anyword

With its prominent AI algorithms, Anyword emerges as a tool that can be beneficial for both content creators and marketing agencies. The creativity and low repetition of AI-generated content by this tool have received a round of applause from reviewers. The AI tool is versatile, and you will notice that it can integrate itself into different AI tools like ChatGPT and Notion. In addition, Grammarly integration helps to enhance the maturity of your language, grammar, and style in your blog and increase the overall quality of your pieces. Writing and translation are also possible in over 30 languages. 

Anyword Pros

  • AI automation detects your Brand Voice and Tone from your previous data and adjusts its assortments. 
  • Copy Intelligence is a remarkable feature that detects your brand tone and can adjust it to your automated content. 
  • API access is available for businesses and individual users.

Anyword Cons

  • Some reviews point out a slowdown in the processing time of AI.
  • You should get a paid plan to use the complete list of features promoted on the website, and the payment is billed annually.
  • The number of marketing templates at Free Plan is limited when some competing tools offer many more free templates.

Anyword Pricing

The tool offers four paid plans: Starter, Data-driven, Business and Enterprise. As I noted above, you must subscribe to a paid plan to use Anyword’s features. Regardless of the plan, you will have a 7-day trial period to try out the tool. It is good to know that all plans are rather pricey: the lowest Starter plan for freelancers or individuals is $39/month, offering unlimited copy generation, one seat and one brand voice. If you prefer upgrading to the Data-driven plan at $79/month, you get three seats, one brand voice and unlimited Performance & Content Improver use.

For businesses and enterprises, the Business plan offers everything from the previous plans and additional features such as enterprise-grade security and SSO for $349/month. You can save between 20 to 30% with annual subscriptions, although you must pay it all in advance. 

10- Copymatic

jasper alternatives - copymatic

Another cool tool that makes it to the list of Jasper alternatives is Copymatic, as its Chrome extension and WordPress integration have helped me a lot in practice. It claims that the AI assistance will baccalaureate even ten times your long-form content writing. This Jasper alternative also targets freelancers and agencies working with bulk content. It helps create media ads and social media releases.

Copymatic Pros

  • It has a built-in Sentence Rephraser and image editing features with high-quality copy and content.
  • WordPress and Chrome plug-ins can facilitate online work.
  •  AI Assistant can help you find a relevant tool for your product.

Copymatic Cons

  • Rewriting is charged, and custom features are priced higher.
  • AI-generated content sounds robotic and needs improvement.
  • Brand tone and style detection is inefficient.

Copymatic Pricing

Copymatic offers three paid options under Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans. The subscriptions range between $29/month, $49/month, and $99/month, respectively. After selecting one of those options, you can initiate your free trial and receive your annual payment discounts. Only Team and Enterprise plans allow multiple users to log in.

11- WordAi

jasper alternatives - word ai

WordAi has been noticed particularly by freelancers and authors who look to expand their writing skills with AI support.  As one of the free Jasper alternatives, this tool is focused on rewriting the already-generated content. WordAI is a fast and versatile tool that can rewrite any type of content in a reader-friendly and SEO-optimized way. It is especially becoming increasingly popular for rewriting long-form texts and articles as creating these types of content pieces takes a shorter time than some of its competitors. You can edit and rewrite sentences on multiple documents simultaneously and get rich content suggestions from an AI bot.

WordAi Pros

  • performs sentence restructuring at once without splitting into pieces, and you can create bulk content by bulk rewriting.
  • Manual control of the outcome is possible if you need less SEO-focused writing.
  • The website allows bulk downloads if you work on multiple documents, and HTML compatibility enables web-based copy and ad work.

WordAi Cons

  • There is no built-in plagiarism checker or mobile app compatibility with Android or IOS.
  • The human-like tone still needs improvement.
  • Rather than content editing, it functions as a rewriting tool.

WordAi Pricing

There are Starter, Power and Enterprise plans offered by WordAi, each including a 3-day free trial. The most basic plan, Starter, includes sentence and phrase level rewriting, API access, and up to 50,000 words at $17/month. The Power plan has all Starter’s features but allows you to rewrite up to 3 million words for $57/month. Customized options are also available to businesses and enterprises and additional features such as an account manager, multiple users, and much more are included in addition to standard features. You can save up to 47% in all plans if you choose an annual subscription; however, the payment is once again billed annually. 

12- WriterZen

jasper alternatives - WriterZen

For the professionals who seek a diligent Jasper AI alternative to raise their products’ Google search metrics, WriterZen offers a well-combined tool full of tactful AI features. If you understand the logic of WriterZen algorithms on the first trial, you will definitely like it. You can use each feature either separately or sequentially to look for a good heading with Topic Discovery, find appropriate SEO keywords, optimize search results using Keyword Planner and Keyword Importer, and create paragraphs and images to create your own articles with Content Creator.

You can use the Plagiarism Checker to avoid similarities and to reach the optimal quality. This tool gets very high ratings for its built-in tools and the success of its SEO-focused content production.


  • You can use the Textbook mode to help you understand how Keyword Explorer, Keyword Planner, and Topic Discovery function. 
  • WriterZen Keyword Planner enables you to import previously compiled keyword lists to the platform with one click and you can import them from Ahref, Übersuggestion and Semrush platforms. 
  • The tool successfully assists in the headline, paragraph, article, and image generation.

WriterZen Cons

  • Beginners and inexperienced users of SERP Analysis may get confused with the tool.
  • Most of the reviews on popular review sites point out that the interface is not very user-friendly, as it has a complicated design.
  • The basic plan does not allow users to try its core AI features like Content Creator, and the full version of AI writing and seats require an additional annual payment.

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen offers four paid plans for monthly subscriptions: Cluster Only, Cluster and Research, Cluster and Content, and All-in-One. The most basic plan, Cluster Only, is $19/month and offers 30,000 keywords as credits and 20,000 imported keywords to create content on a particular topic. It also includes the Keyword Planner, but the Content Creator and Keyword Explorer features are unavailable.

To use the Keyword Explorer feature, you have to subscribe to the Cluster and Research plan for $61/month. If you want the Content Creator and Plagiarism Checker features, you can subscribe to the Cluster and Content plan at the same price. Accessing all features in the All-in-One plan at $99/month with unlimited uses and extended features is possible, and you can save 30% in all plans if you opt-in for an annual subscription. 

13- ClosersCopy

jasper alternatives - closers copy

ClosersCopy is a compelling Jasper alternative that expands your brand voice using relevant SEO keywords. It is positioned as an AI copywriting tool rather than being merely a writing editor. This web-based tool creates and improves both short-form and long-form content in a large scope for marketing departments, advertisement agencies, and enterprises. CloserCopy’s capacity of its non-GPT AI algorithms and its wide range of multiple linguistic translations differentiate it from others. As one of the largest multi-language tools, it is compatible with 128 languages. 

ClosersCopy Pros

  • The tool combines the power of three built-in AI algorithms that aren’t based on GPT-3. 
  • BlogAI, SalesAI and StoryAI assist diverse marketing-based purposes as the content type varies for copywriting, SMM management and long-form writing.
  • You can use AI algorithms to create your content while teaching them to select relevant SEO content.

ClosersCopy Cons

  • Some reviews say that the cheapest plan has a 50,000-character limit, though this information seems a bit outdated, as the pricing offers do not mention any character limit.
  • A lifetime deal no longer exists for ClosersCopy.

ClosersCopy Pricing

ClosersCopy offers users three monthly plans that can be renewed at any time. The Power plan, for $49/month, includes 300 AI runs, 30 SEO checks, two seats, and unlimited updates. Both Superpower and Superpower Squad plans have unlimited AI runs and SEO checks with 3 seats and 5 seats, and for $79/month and $99/month, respectively. ClosersCopy also offers lifetime deals for three plans, Superpower Solo, Superpower Hero and Superpower Squad. The lifetime prices change from $327 to $741, depending on your needs and the size of your team. 

14- Byword

jasper alternatives - byword

If you are still looking for what other Jasper AI free alternatives offer content creators, here is Byword — a competitive AI writing tool for marketing. I know you will like its API access, AI integrations with different publishing tools, and great ability in long-form information content.

Byword uses natural language processing to deliver top-quality content pieces in terms of style, grammar and tone. Custom CTAs and AI-generated internal links can also be used in your written piece, and Byword ensures to capture all of your customers with its bulk SEO capture feature. 

But to be honest, the pricing is very complicated but can still be considered one of the Jasper alternatives.

Byword Pros

  • WordPress, Webflow, Zapier and API integrations will facilitate your SEO keyword search and content generation.
  • You can work on large-scale content projects concentrating on long-form articles and blogs.
  • There is also a high-quality image generator feature for your content.

Byword Cons

  • The interface seems a bit confusing, so you should first learn how to use its features and platform integrations.
  • Some reviews consider that AI generation is still detectable as no built-in plagiarism checker exists.
  • Only offers content writing support in sixteen languages.

Byword Pricing

Byword offers paid plants and a pay-per-article to suit every user’s needs. If you prefer paying as you go, you don’t need to subscribe to any paid plans and just pay $5 per article. However, Starter, Standard, Scale and Unlimited plans offer monthly subscriptions. The Starter includes 25 articles, 25 research reports and article regeneration for $99/month, whereas the Standard offers 80 articles and 80 research reports at $299/month. The Scale plan includes 300 articles and 300 research reports at $999/month, and you can have unlimited number of articles and research reports in addition to privacy support with the Unlimited plan for $2,499/month.

I must say that Byword is one of the expensive Jasper alternatives.

15- Article Forge

jasper alternatives - article forge

A simple interface complying with API access, SEO optimization and automatically generated blogs and posts — this is what Article Forge will deliver you with ease. This tool should be considered as once the Jasper alternatives as it is quite easy to use as users need to enter keywords depending on the content they want to generate, and automated content pieces are prepared according to your choice of length.

Article Forge is useful for creating short- and long-form articles comprising of 1,500 words or more. Additionally, the tool is quite fast as it delivers you a good-to-go content within a minute or so. 

Article Forge Pros

  • Automated and SEO-optimized content can be generated based on your choice of article length from short-form (~250 words) to long-form (~1,500 words) pieces.
  • Bulk content generation is possible, saving you a lot of time. 
  • The Pass AI content detection feature aims to improve the human tone and overall quality of your writings.

Article Forge Cons

  • There is no grammar check or correction features, so you must review the content for potential spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • As the article gets longer, some irrelevant sentences or off-the-topic content are added to your writing.
  • There is no mention about multiple language features.

Article Forge Pricing

The tool offers a 5-day free trial with a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee which shows self-reliance of, the creator of Article Forge tool, as compared to others. You can request your money back within 30 days unless you are satisfied with the product. Paid plans have two options. The Standard plan is $27/month for monthly subscription or $13/month for annual subscription (billed annually). This plan allows 2,500 words per month and 1 personal use, so this is not suitable for teams. When compares to other Jasper alternatives, I can clearly say that the word allowances are not very fair.

AI generated content feature is available and bulk article generation, API access and automatic exportation to blogs and websites are included.

For bigger teams, the Business plan does not have a standard fee, so it depends on what your business needs. You can negotiate with the sales team about the custom features and the budget.

16- INK

jasper alternatives - INK

INK AI tool is a practical content generator and optimizer with SEO and custom features. In fact, it is an AI writing app that also includes chatbots facilitating keyword searches. What I like about this AI tool is that it can summarize, paraphrase, correct, and modify your writing pieces with AI technology and chatbots. These features make this tool one of the Jasper alternatives to try. INK supports a paraphrasing tool with spelling and grammar checkers that help users generate high-quality content and improve their writing performances.

You can use different categories to recreate your posts and product descriptions and support your content with AI-powered images and video optimizer. You can use its templates for business communication to increase your marketing and branding voice, although it is widely known as a writing assistant. 

INK Pros

  • INK has a functional interface that is compatible with web browsers, mobile devices and desktops, so you don’t have to worry about its compatibility.
  • More than 50 categories and modes help you generate ads, blogs, copy and social media posts.
  • You can add the INK extension to your browser to use it on the go.

INK Cons

  • INK claims multiple language use is possible but does not explain which languages are compatible with Ink 3.3.
  • The generated content does not always have accuracy, especially for specialized areas. 

INK Pricing

You can only start your free trial and try out INK by choosing one of its paid plans; however, it offers a risk-free 5-day trial so you don’t have to give your credit card information. INK has two plans: The Professional plan for freelancers and individual content creators and the Enterprise plan for big e-commerce or marketing teams. Both plans have unlimited AI words, AI images and SEO article generation. The main differences between the two plans are the number of INK credits and user accounts. The Professional plan costs $49/month, while the Enterprise plan is $199/month. If you are okay with annual billing, you can save money by choosing an annual plan that gifts 2 months free. 

How to Choose from These Jasper Alternatives

Now you have the details about AI generation and Jasper AI free alternatives, you can go ahead and check them for the most appropriate one for your needs. Here is my list of questions to guide you:

  • Do I need an AI-generated writing tool to create content or improve my brand’s social media visibility and increase SEO ranking?
  • Which functions will I use: Copying, rewriting, paraphrasing and SEO-generated search?
  • Do I only need to check the grammar and spelling or create the entire content?
  • What is the amount of my budget to afford a paid plan?
  • What languages do I need to translate and localize my products?

ContentGo AI: An Efficient Jasper AI Alternative

The speed and variety of developing AI-powered content generation tools and trends may confuse users when deciding on the best Jasper alternative to use. All tools have overlapping features regarding how to enrich and expand the quality of the content, and they mainly differ on the pricing, the availability of the features, and the number of templates they can provide.

When using an AI-powered content generator, the main issue that stands out is related to the tone of the content: It can have a natural syntax, but does it sound “human”? Or is your content made of a bunch of repetitive words and phrases, making it somewhat hollow in terms of content quality? 

To ensure that you have the most natural and highest-quality content for yourself or your brand, the AI integration must be fine-tuned by human input. In this way, you can not only smoothly and quickly create content but also keep the human-like features that will make it stand out for your customers. Because of this, I can easily say that ContentGo AI is my favorite: It perfectly integrates AI + humans, offering impressively high rates of successful content bypassing AI detection.

You can sign up for ContentGo AI today for the most effective and qualified content creation with affordable options for all budgets. 

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