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wordtune alternatives
April 3, 2024

Content creation can be much easier, faster, and almost perfect if you follow the guidance with designed AI copy and content writing tools. AI generation is a good hand when you know what, when, and how to use them. Most users are familiar with the fame of Wordtune to improve your content in a short span — however, it has some limitations.

In this guide, I will recommend the best Wordtune alternatives to overcome those limitations in 2024.

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What is Wordtune

Wordtune is a writing tool enriched by AI integration to make your content more precise and harmonized in a time-efficient manner. It gives clues on how to revise your text to make it much more reader-friendly. Its browser extension will help you find suitable phrasing alternatives for written sentences and paragraphs.

Users praise Wordtune for its real-time suggestions, as you can use the tool during content creation online. You will be astonished by its sensitivity to your writing style, though this ability is only a part of its editing practicality. If you have a blank page ahead of you, look for some Wordtune alternatives for help.


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Why You Should Consider a Wordtune Alternative

There are several Wordtune alternatives that can definitely boost your speed and effectiveness in content creation. With hundreds of tools available in the market and you may face a hard time on deciding which one to proceed with.

You might need some additional features that Wordtune does not provide and considering other tools is always an option.

A very crucial option to look for in a Wordtune alternative is the different types of content that you plan to create. Most of the best AI writing tools in the market are designed to serve different content needs.

Tools like ContentGo AI offer an end to end content creation process by assisting you with keyword research and SERP analysis.

Plus, for companies creating dozens of contents with tight deadlines bulk content creation is another feature to look for in a Wordtune alternative.

15 Best Wordtune Alternatives

In this guide, I will talk about the top Wordtune Alternatives

You will see why each opens a new door to fresh-minded freelancers who want AI aid in their texts and content. You will also notice how each surpasses the other with some advantages and falls behind.

See my list here, from my favorite to the least:

  1. ContentGo AI
  2. Jasper AI
  3. Copy AI
  4. Writesonic
  5. Rytr AI
  6. Quiillbot AI
  8. Simplified
  9. ContentBot
  10. TextCortex
  12. Copymatic
  13. Grammarly
  14. Anyword
  15. Aiseo

1- ContentGo AI

wordtune alternatives -

ContentGo AI is a remarkable Wordtune alternative. The wide features and the fact that it is developed from a company that has 10 years of experience in content marketing, the tool provides tailor made articles.

Being fed with more than 200 million content pieces, ContentGo AI generates humanlike content that surpasses AI detectors. I know that his is not important anymore, but it is still a great indicator of content quality.

Let’s explore together why I put ContentGo AI at the top of my list of alternatives to Wordtune.

ContentGo Features

One of the unique features that ContentGo AI has when compared to other Wordtune Alternatives is the AI + Human content creation process. All users can easily request an editorial control to all the AI-generated content. Although the AI-integrated tool helps to create content fast, you know that your editor will give you accurate feedback on human nature and feelings in your writing.

ContentGo AI offers bulk content creation, a feature that can help you generate dozens of content in one shot.

There are many benefits of bulk content creation that can really enhance your productivity and increase the effectiveness of your content creation process.

AI Assistant

Another great feature that ContentGo AI has is the AI Assistant. This amazing option helps you level up your content by:

  • Expanding your desired parts
  • Summarizing the unnecessary paragrahps
  • Rewriting parts of your content within the same context
  • Including AI-generated images in your content
wordtune alternatives

ContentGo Pros

  • SEO Assistant helps with keyword research and SERP Analysis.
  • The multi-language feature enables users to generate their content in 110+ languages.
  • There are multiple templates that help users with quick actions.
  • Bulk content creation is an optimal feature of ContentGo AI. If you are a representative of a digital marketing agency or a brand that needs an extensive compilation of online content, you should try the bulk content feature. 
  • The AI Assistant helps with polishing an improving the generated content.
  • Users can quickly include AI generated images in their content with the AI Assistant.
  • All the generated content can be downloaded in different formats.
  • ContentGo can directly connect with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.
  • Users can generate outlines with the Outline Generator and create articles according to these.
  • The Power plan offers unlimited users and 1.000.000 words – which is more than enough.
  • All users on the Expert and Power mode have priority support.
  • Users can request human editors to edit all their articles.

The combination of AI + Human Intelligence will be live soon.

ContentGo Cons

  • It currently does not support a standard plagiarism tool.
  • WordPress integration is being developed. (We’ll be live soon)
  • Power Mode, built on GPT 4.32-K and ContentGo AI’s LLM, responds slower.
  • Blog templates are scarce, but they are still being developed.

ContentGo Pricing

ContentGo AI’s plans come with a 7-day free trial. All the plans have credits for the SEO Assistant and they allow you to create content both the Regular Mode. The Power mode is available on the Experts and Power modes.

Paid plan pricing is relatively cheap for what you get: $13.99/month at Light Mode, $34.99/month at Expert Mode and $129/month at Power Mode.

Start your free trial now and enjoy the benefits of ContentGo AI.

2- Jasper

wordtune alternatives -

Jasper is one of my favorite Wordtune alternatives, as it offers successful SEO tools and a humanlike tone in the outcomes.

Jasper targets SMEs and larger enterprises and can help them with their bulk content needs. Yet, the AI-based SEO Assistant is helpful in catching versions of correct SEO matches for the needs.

If you are a freelancer, you can still find it awesome if you work on large marketing projects with a team.

You can add the extension to the Chrome browser to synchronize the features on every device you use. Jasper’s writing, formatting, and revising features are available in 25 languages.

Jasper Pros

  • Sentence Rephraser will aid your writing in being more precise with relevant word and word group suggestions. Sentence formatting is also available to make up a clear tone.
  • Jasper Document mode is compatible with Google Docs and MS Word formatting. This compatibility helps save time without the need to learn about its formatting submenus.
  • On-Brand AI Assistant manages the tone of voice aligned with your branding language by detecting the stylistic features in your texts and marketing content.
  • You can use this Wordtune alternative for copywriting, blog writing, and speedily establishing a social marketing strategy.

Jasper Cons

  • There is no mobile application; you can only use the tool on a web browser and when you are online.  
  • There is no Freemium option, and pricing is higher than other AI writing tools.
  • Grammar and Plagiarism checking tools are not efficiently prompted.
  • There is no free trial plan; you must pay for one of its Business, Pro, and Creator plans to try Jasper’s performance.

Jasper Pricing

A 7-day free trial is only possible if you start with your choice of paid plan – or in other words, if you enter you credit card details.

The Creator Plan costs $39/month, and the Pro Plan begins at $59/month. For the Business Plan, you need to get in touch with their sales team.

The Creator Plan allows you to have one seat and one brand voice, though a Pro Plan will upgrade it to three seats, five brand voices, and ten knowledge assets.

Jasper Art can add diverse images to your content in the Pro Plan. The Business Plan additionally allows API access and the Custom Style Guide to its key features. Creator mode allows 10.000 words on a free trial.


wordtune alternatives -

Another practical Wordtune alternative is, one of the long-runners in the market. The platform is based on four basic features.

First, the brand voice detection sticks to copy search to make up your brand’s marketing tone exclusively.

Then, the Infobase is the tool’s core, where you put your input and find copy templates.

The third one is Security, which is an area for enterprises.

Lastly, the chat feature functions like ChatGPT — ask what you need- and responds with AI-generated content. Let’s compare and contrast why has many fans while some users are dissatisfied. Pros 

  • It is one of the richest AI writing tools, with almost 90 templates (there is even a Tinder profile description template 🤯) to create varying content types.
  • It allows your enterprise to cooperate with the team to paraphrase and produce large-scale projects.
  • Skillful at detecting the brand language and style to show the path for new content and supports 25 languages.
  • Provides freemium option. Cons

  • Users are frustrated with the AI-generated tone of the content since the tool needs some improvement for creativity.
  • Customer service and support seem insufficient to respond to client feedback. 
  • stands among the highest-priced AI-writing tools. Pricing pricing scale tracks a similar plan to Jasper’s individual business scheme. Apart from the free plan, it offers Pro and Team membership for individual users and a tailor-made plan for enterprises. Pro membership allows five seats with unlimited words in chat and 500 workflow credits. On the other hand, Team membership gives 3000 credits to 20 seats, enabling unlimited chat words. Pro and Team pricing favors a 25% discount on annual payments starting from $432/year and $2,232/year.

4- Writesonic

wordtune alternatives - writesonic

Another tool that always makes it to the top of the Wordtune alternatives list is Writesonic. This AI content generator is a good companion for freelancers overwhelmed with time-consuming writing tasks. The different versions of the Article Writer, Paraphrasing Tool, Content Expander, and Article Summarizer are its three key features to help summarize the content, rewrite and enlarge sentence structures, and even paraphrase simple articles. A chat-GPT-based chatbot is also on board in this plan. 

Writesonic Pros

  • It’s a helpful tool for content creation and daily writing, such as emails and articles.
  • A free trial is available as you do not need to complete payment or enter your credit card.
  • The paraphrasing feature tool is easy to use even on webpage content, and you can write and paraphrase in multiple languages.
  • WordPress integration and export features let you save your document on your computer.

Writesonic Cons

  • The interface needs improvement – based on user feedback.
  • SEO and Language Check features need to suggest fewer AI tones. 
  • You need manual editing on your outcome, which is time-consuming.
  • Robotic responses are based on the overuse of SEO results.

Writesonic Pricing

Free mode, the most favored plan, allows you to write up to 10.000 words with the free trial features. Pricing is based on monthly and annual plans.

The freelance plan is kind of distinct from the other plans. It costs $16/month and comes with unlimited words. On the other hand, the Small Team and Enterprise budget plans target content marketers, agencies, and brand developers.

Writesonic offers a 33% discount on the Small Team Plan – when subscribe annually, which costs $13/month, and you can generate, paraphrase, and edit 20.0000 words, use the AI writer, and keep five brand voices on your content creation. The Enterprise plan costs $500/month and will deliver the benefits of all custom packages to your service.

5- Rytr

wordtune alternatives - rytr

If you are new to using AI-powered writing tools, Rytr is a must try Wordtune alternative. With its plain interface, generosity of free mode with a plagiarism checker, brand voice integration, and multi-language options, Rytr provides everything. It also provides a freemium mode, that helps users explore the benefits of AI-writing.

Rytr Pros

  • Built-in plagiarism checker maximizes the originality of the rephrased writing.
  • There are 40 use case templates to copy and rewrite content.
  • There are more than 20 brand voices to rephrase your content for different audiences.
  • It supports content creation in 30+ languages.

Rytr Cons

  • AI generation delivers plain, insufficient search results for content writers.
  • The free plan allows access only to basic features.
  • Keyword research and SERP analysis tools need improvement.
  • It has a simple user interface, but it might be too basic for some users.

Rytr Pricing

Rytr offers three options: Free, Saver, and Unlimited plans. The free version allows 10.000 characters of generated content with five images monthly, whereas Saver provides ten times more extensive writing with 20 images. As you can understand, the Unlimited version extends limits to 100 AI-generated images per month. Custom use is available on Saver at $9/month.

6- Quillbot AI

wordtune alternatives - quillbot

Like Wordtune, Quillbot AI is one of the most popular writing apps. The tool is easy to use and functions well if you make grammatical checks, paraphrase article sections, and rewrite what you have already done. AI assistance is available in 23 languages, including Spanish, Turkish, Polish, and Hindi. I recommend Quillbot as a Wordtune alternative, more to content creators, academic authors, and translators who spend much time rewriting and proofreading long-length articles. 

Quillbot Pros

  • Built-in grammar and plagiarism checker features work stable both on the browser and apps.
  • The synonym slider thrives as you feel the thesaurus under your fingers, even for multiple languages.
  • Quillbot AI app is available on both Android and iOS devices. 

Quillbot Cons

  • Proofreading is not always flawless – you’ll need manual corrections on your rephrases.
  • The free version is available with just 125 words in Paraphrasing. 
  • Some users complain about the system’s insensitivity to spell check after several trials on the same paragraph. 

Quillbot Pricing

The free plan has the standard and fluency modes with a minimal number of paraphrasing words. Premium plan gives unlimited access to 8 predefined modes with the full use of Synonym Slider. The plagiarism checker allows 100 pages, though the custom mode is also included in this plan. For the Premium plan, annual, semi-annual, and monthly payments are available: $49.95 annually, $39.95 when billed every six months, and $9.95 monthly.


wordtune alternatives - will suit your needs if you are a content writing freshman. You will find grammar check, plagiarism check, AI bot, and summarizing features together. The tool will amplify the quality and readability of your writing, whether it is a blog or marketing content for launching products. You will clearly see that it is a one of the great alternatives to Wordtune. is enabled online, and you can start your route by uploading your drafted data on the website to polish it. Pros

  • Grammar checker and rewriting tools will enhance the clarity and accuracy of language in your article.
  • The easy-to-use design will work with uploading, copying, and checking steps.
  • There is no limitation on using words if you choose a paid plan. Cons

  • The tool helps improve your language and style but not with SEO-focusing. 
  • There is a word limitation — it only paraphrases 1000 words at once.
  • There are lots of ads in the free plan, which may be distracting. Pricing

Prices vary for individual users and businesses, and there are weekly, monthly, and annual payment models for both. The basic mode is $7/week, $20/month, and $150/year, whereas the business mode is $35/week, $100 bill for three months, and $150/year. No unlimited plagiarism, paraphrasing, or word changer features exist in any paid plan.

8- Simplified 

wordtune alternatives - simplified

If you need a professional grammar checker and are eager to smooth your writing with rephrases, Simplified can be another Wordtune alternative for you. Being a neat app alternative to Wordtune, Simplified AI Writer will get on the stage to enhance your writing quality. Indeed, there is more than that in this compact app. 

The company launched the all-in-one app to serve all media content needs: 

Graphic design, AI copywriting, video editing, and social media management. Simplified is one of the AI tools that aims to provide an integrated service for brand management to digital agencies, copywriters, and enterprises.

Simplified Pros

  • Simplified AI Writer, graphic design, and video editing tools are combined on the mobile app, with 20+ languages and API access.
  • AI-writer delivers grammar corrections and rewriting suggestions.
  • Graphic design features are code-free, and video editing completes content creation by image processing.

Simplified Cons

  • Some reviews point out high AI detection in the outcome.
  • You can use all-in-one features if you subscribe to paid plans separately. 
  • Video editing, AI writing, graphic design, and social media assistance have their pricing schemes.

Simplified Pricing

AI writer and social media manager tools offer Pro, Business, and Agency pricing models at $11/month, $29/month, and $119/month, respectively. However, graphic design and video editor tools appear in just two options: Pro plan, from $9/month to $11/month, and Business plan, from $18/month to $29/month. Unfortunately, Simplified does not allow free use unless you complete the purchase.

9- TextCortex

wordtune alternatives - textcortex

TextCortex becomes crowd-pleasing via its AI writer’s immense and to-the-point suggestions. One of many favored Wordtune alternatives free — this AI writing tool proves its ability to give brand voice in a personalized manner while advancing your clarity.

Language and spelling checker, availability in 25+ languages, and considerable storage of 1000+ AI prompts expand your thinking and deliver what you will need when creating your marketing content. Some users claim that AI detection is low compared to fully AI-generated writing. In my opinion, this tool should be categorized as a content generator rather than a rewriting app. 

TextCortex Pros

  • WordPress and Chrome extensions are available for online work, and apps and web-based tools can carry your work out of the office.
  • It uses GPT-4 and Web Search facilities and obtains over 1000 AI prompts to diversify your content.
  • It has free tools, including rewriting, YouTube description, and summarization, and the plagiarism tool is available even in free mode.

TextCortex Cons

  • Free mode limits users to 20 creations per day, which is a bit scarce.
  • There is no grammar tool specified for the product.
  • It also does not have SEO support. 

TextCortex Pricing

An annual subscription will give you free access to all features for two months.

There are two options: Lite and Unlimited modes. Prices start from $19/month and rise to $83.99/month in the latter plan. Lite mode allows 63500 words a month, whereas Unlimited has no limitations.

The paid plans of TextCortex display its extended target towards marketing agencies, copywriters, and enterprises. 

10- ContentBot

wordtune alternatives -

One of the Wordtune alternatives you will love is ContentBot. The web-based platform stands forward as it encourages you to upload large amounts of data and process them with AI flows — plagiarism checker, AI writer, and SEO-focused work. The company boasts the ability of tools to create various kinds of marketing content – blogs, product descriptions, advertisement copy, and landing pages. If you are a content agency, try this alternative to Wordtune even to check AI + human enhancement in your next production.

ContentBot Pros

  • Built-in plagiarism checker amplifies the originality of your content.
  • It has ample storage of copy and rewrite templates, and you can write in multiple languages.
  • Chrome extension and WordPress integration enable you to reach your drafts wherever possible.

ContentBot Cons

  • Paid plans vary regarding the availability of standard and plus features. Thus, carefully check the necessary tools before deciding on your paid plan.
  • You can use the Plagiarism tool only at Premium and Premium+.
  • You can use AI workflows only at Premium and Premium+.

ContentBot Pricing

The prepaid option makes a free trial available at merely $1, so you can write up to 1000 words using AI automation with a free trial. Thus, a prepaid plan is a good option for trying ContentBot first. You can upgrade the amount of your free AI writing, paraphrasing, and seats by paying more in this plan.

However, prices go up when additional features are added. Depending on the plan, prices range between $19/month to $99/month. If you opt for a human-enhanced blog based on AI output, you must get the priciest Premium+ option.


wordtune alternatives - gets noticed for its Wordtune alternative free availability for freelancers and writing professionals. The company boasts that accelerates text writing ten times faster than humans. Some reviews compare it to Wordtune in usability and praise its high speed and multi-processing performance. It has become more and more popular as rewriting long-form texts and articles takes a shorter time than some of its competitors. You can edit and rewrite sentences on multiple documents simultaneously and get rich content suggestions from an AI bot. Pros

  • performs sentence restructuring at once without splitting into pieces, and you can create bulk content by bulk rewriting.
  • Manual control of the outcome is possible if you need less SEO-focused writing.
  • The website allows bulk downloads if you work on multiple documents, and HTML compatibility enables web-based copy and ad work. Cons

  • There is no built-in plagiarism checker or mobile app compatibility with Android and IOS.
  • The humanlike tone still needs improvement. 
  • Rather than content editing, it functions as a rewriting tool. Pricing

You can start trying straightaway. The subscription costs $57/month — though you can have a discount if you choose a yearly plan for $27/month. Customized options are aimed at enterprises, but the price needs to be apparent on their website.

12- Copymatic

wordtune alternatives - copymatic

Another content and copywriter with Chrome extension and WordPress integration I’ll recommend is Copymatic. It claims that the AI assistance will baccalaureate even ten times your long-form content writing. This Wordtune alternative also targets freelancers and bulk content-creating teams. It helps create media ads and social media releases.

Copymatic Pros

  • It has a built-in Sentence Rephraser and image editing features with high-quality copy and content.
  • WordPress and Chrome plug-ins can facilitate online work.
  • AI Assistant can help you find a relevant tool for your product.

Copymatic Cons

  • Rewriting is charged, and custom features are priced higher.
  • AI-generated content sounds robotic and needs improvement.
  • Brand tone and style detection is inefficient.

Copymatic Pricing

Copymatic offers three paid options: Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans. The subscription ranges between $19/month to $66/month. You can only start your free trial after selecting and paying for one of the options.

13- Grammarly

wordtune alternatives - grammarly

For those who are alienated from AI generation tools, I recommend Grammarly, which undoubtedly is worth-checking Wordtune alternative. Composing a drafted piece, rewriting, grammar and spelling checks, and proofreading are what Grammarly can efficiently perform. You can polish your style and tone with AI assistance recently added to the set of features. Remember that Grammarly does not position itself as an AI content generator but falls on the side of an AI-integrated writing assistant. 

Grammarly Pros

  • There is an AI co-creator to draft, proofread, and polish your writing.
  • It has a built-in Plagiarism Checker to detect false connotations and citations.
  • It has a simple design and helps speed up writing.

Grammarly Cons

  • It is helpful for professional writing rather than content writing.
  • It lacks SEO keyword search.
  • There are limited customized options in the free mode.

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly shows big-hearted pricing when compared to favored AI content generators. Premium and business plans cost between $12/month to $15/month, including a free mode enriched with plus features.

14- Anyword 

wordtune alternatives - anyword

Anyword is one of the most highly-rated Wordtune alternatives. The tool combines rewriting and content marketing to pack all the basic features you need for your writing project. The Copy Intelligence checks and detects your brand tone and can adjust this to your automated content. The AI tool is versatile, and you will notice that it can integrate itself into different AI tools like ChatGPT and Notion. Grammarly integration helps to enhance the maturity of your language, grammar, and style in your blog.

Anyword Pros

  • AI automation detects your Brand Voice and Tone from your previous data and adjusts its assortments, and writing and translation are possible in 30+ languages.
  • Copy Intelligence is a remarkable feature that optimizes the search and creation match.
  • API access is available for businesses and individual users.
  • The creativity and low repetition of AI-generated content get applause from reviewers.

Anyword Cons

  • Some reviews point out a slowdown in the processing time of AI.
  • You should get a paid plan to use a complete list of features promoted on the website, and payment is billed annually.
  • The number of marketing templates at Free Plan is limited when some competing tools offer many more free templates.

Anyword Pricing

The tool offers four schemes: Starter, Data-driven, Business, and Enterprise. When you complete your payment, you can start your free 7-day trial. If you are a freelancer or an e-commerce trader, you can select the Starter plan at $39/month. The Starter plan will allow unlimited copy generation and one seat – one brand voice opportunity. The Data-driven plan offers three seats and unlimited Content Improver use. The Business plan facilitates Copy Intelligence and automated website messaging in addition to what you have in Data-driven for $349/month. 

15- Aiseo

wordtune alternatives - aiseod

Another excellent free Wordtune alternative is Aiseo, one of the antecedents of SEO-based writing tools. It has key features to enable SEO search and AI-generated articles. Aiseo is a content generator based on GPT-4 enriched by AI-automated phrases and clauses. The tool provides blogs, articles, and marketing content with different lengths.

What you will like is the tone of voice that AI detects.

Users can easily run a keyword analysis and choose one of the templates in the gallery. Plus, it comes with a plagiarism checker that helps users level up the output.

Aiseo Pros

  • It features AI writing assistance in 26 languages, personalized email generation, and writing formatting tools. 
  • One-click blog creation is what separates Aiseo from other tools.
  • Paraphraser and Readability Booster enhance the quality easily.

Aiseo Cons

  • There is no specified language and grammar check feature in the tool.
  • Some reviews point out that Aiseo is more effective in short-form content.
  • Only the Team Plan will serve you multiple seats if you work as a team.

Aiseo Pricing

Aiseo offers generous plans both for free and premium users. The trial comes with $1 and users can have access to all the features for 3 days.

The grow plan costs $19/month and offers 500 credits for GPT-4, Anthropic, plagiarism check, and skip AI detection. You can use ten topical authority functions freely. The scale plan costs $39/month, whereas the Team plan serves you at $59/month. You can unlimitedly use all features and integrated tools if you select one of its Scale and Team plans. With annual billing, you can save 20% on all plans.

How to Choose the Best Wordtune Alternative

Now, you have a pretty detailed knowledge about AI-based content generation tools and the best Wordtune alternatives. But the harder part is to decide with which one to proceed, isn’t it?

Here is a quick checklist with questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Do I need human editors to edit my AI-generated content?
  • Does the tool need to have an SEO Assistant to help me with Keyword research & SERP Analysis?
  • Do I need AI-generated images?
  • Do I need bulk content creation?
  • Do I need an AI Assistant that helps with polishing and levelling up the content?

And of course the budget. Must always be taken into account.

Rewrite and Create Content Faster and Cost Effectively

If you are looking for a unique combination of human sensitivity and AI speed for creating SEO-focused content, ContentGo AI will be the right choice. ContentGo AI focuses on content creation at the center, and empowers the outputs with human touch. You can choose from various pricing plans that ContentGo AI offers to start creating.

Register today at ContentGo AI and start your free trial!

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